Tourist sights and routes around Bük city

You can find numerous tourist sights and routes or fishing lakes around Bük city. Famous towns and villages: Kőszeg, Szombathely, Fertőd, Sopron, etc.


Excursions, tours, fishing

  • Kőszeg (20 km): the downtown is part the national heritage of Hungary, where you can spend a beautiful time among the old-style houses after visiting the Jurisics-castle. link
  • Szombathely (22km): this city is the capital of Vas County, not far from it there is the Kámoni arboretum. The Ludi Savarienses, held in August each year, also evoke Roman times. link
  • Fertőd (36 km): the beautiful Esterházy-castle awaits its guests whole year. In the courtyard of the castle there are musical programs in the summer. link
  • Sopron (42 km): after the capital, Budapest, the largest number of historic buildings are found here. link
  • Austria, Burgenland: Burgenland’s fortresses, castles and palaces are well worth a visit link
  • Familypark Neusiedlersee (St. Margarethen / 60 km): the Familypark offers numerous attractions for all ages in a park area of more than 145.000 m² link
  • Touring routes (nordic walking, cycling): link
  • Fishing: Boldogasszony lake, Csepreg (5,5km) link

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